Insider risk: Moving from damage control to prevention 

Security practitioners continue to underestimate the risks that people with certain levels of access – current and former employees, contractors, and other partners – can pose to their organization. Overlooking the issue leaves companies vulnerable to potentially devastating incidents, such as insiders stealing customer data, revealing financial projections and company plans, leaking valuable IP and trade secrets, or committing rogue trades. Despite this, many organizations do not approach insider risk as a business priority, and do not have the controls and systems in place to mitigate threats. 

In this webinar, Scott Weber and Dr. Eric Shaw discuss key issues across the insider risk landscape, and provide practical approaches to identifying people before they can cause damage. This includes how to design an effective insider risk program, the team, the role of leadership, as well as the policies, processes, people, and tools that are critical to success.

The webinar also provides an overview of Stroz Friedberg’s proprietary SCOUTTM technology that identifies early signs that an employee may be on the “critical pathway” towards acting out.


  • Scott Weber, Stroz Friedberg’s Insider Risk Leader
  • Dr. Eric Shaw, Consulting Clinical Psychologist, Stroz Friedberg
  • Carolyn Vadino, VP, Communications, Stroz Friedberg