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About Red Flag Reports

Red Flag Reports are designed as a high level overview of a counterparty, collating and consolidating online public record and database information on either an individual or company. The reports are geared towards quickly identifying any potential issues of concern on a counterparty from a regulatory or reputational standpoint.

Stroz Friedberg's Red Flag Reports are the first stage in a graduated due diligence process. If you require additional information or would like to discuss further levels of due diligence, please contact us

What's included?

Red Flag Reports access information from a variety of online sources which can be collected in a relatively short period of time. Searches are carried out in English and all relevant local languages, with a focus on flagging adverse media, sanctions exposure, links to Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or State-owned Entities (SoEs), and litigation involving the subject.

Reports are typically completed within 3-5 working days for a fixed fee agreed upon reply.


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