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Learn how to make your organization cyber resilient in the face of rapidly evolving cyber risks.


Organizations are in a balancing act of implementing growth strategies and mitigating cyber risk. Innovation is taking place at high velocity, and compliance simply cannot keep up. This disparity in speed to innovate, and speed to achieve security, creates a gap. It is this gap that creates risk. Stroz Friedberg can help you close the gap and achieve cyber resilience.


To achieve cyber resilience, organizations must commit to a continuous process of evaluation and improvement


 Holistic Apprach to Cyber Risk
Blog: A Holistic Approach to Cyber Risk

Jason Hogg is the new CEO of Aon Cyber Solutions and Stroz Friedberg. Aon Cyber Solutions brings together Aon’s industry-leading cyber risk broking expertise with Stroz Friedberg’s technical cybersecurity services. Here Jason discusses what brought him to Aon and how organizations should be approaching cybersecurity as an enterprise-wide risk.

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Are you ready webinar
Webinar Recording: Are You Ready? How Would You Respond to a Breach

When a cyber breach goes uncontained, it can cost an organization millions in lost revenue, brand erosion, litigation exposure, regulatory fines and customer claims. Hear from seasoned cybersecurity experts, Jibran Ilyas where he provides actionable guidance to improve your organization’s cyber resilience posture. 

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CNBC Ransomware Clip Ed Stroz
CNBC Live TV: Featuring Ed Stroz on Ransomware and Other Cyberattacks

CNBC Live TV on how we're not doing enough defensively against cyberattacks: featuring Ed Stroz discussing the Petya cyberattack that hit companies around the world.  Watch video to understand why some attacks may not be what they appear to be, often time it takes careful code analysis and reverse engineering to know a ransomware attack may just be a component of a more sophiscated attack.

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Cyber Risk Drives Traditional Risks
Blog: How Cyber Risk Drives Traditional Risks and What You Can Do About It

The entire enterprise shapes cyber risk and can be weakened by it. Data security is a major driver of all business risks. Mitigation, therefore, requires that traditional risk management practices evolve to meet this pervasive, blanket liability...

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2017 North America Cyber Risk Transfer Comparison Report


Cyber risk is a top concern for enterprises.

According to the 2017 North America Cyber Risk Transfer Comparison Report:


Respondents who believe that cyber liability is one of the top 10 business risks for their organizations


Organizations that have cyber insurance coverage


Average economic impact of a material or significantly disruptive security exploit or data breach


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