Aon Cyber Resilience Evaluation


Aon Cyber Resilience Evaluation

The cyber risk landscape changes continuously through accelerated digital transformation, an increasing number of connected devices and evolving threats. Understanding organizational resilience in such a dynamic threat environment is critical to effectively manage enterprise risk. To empower businesses to navigate these challenges, Aon has released the Cyber Resilience Evaluation (CRE) which allows users to establish a baseline understanding of their cyber exposure.

The need

Cyber is an enterprise risk that impacts people and physical assets, and that potentially erodes the brand and negatively impacts financial statements. As a result, regulatory agencies are applying more scrutiny on how organizations manage cybersecurity. Businesses must demonstrate a strong security performance against an established baseline that identifies current capabilities, weaknesses, and unaddressed gaps.

How we help

The Cyber Resilience Evaluation is a software-enabled product that generates data-driven benchmarking of cyber maturity against a suite of critical controls, and leverages unique incident data and a patent-pending analytics methodology. The tool is accessed via an easy-to-use web portal.

Our value

The Cyber Resilience Evaluation is an important step in strengthening your cybersecurity posture. Our risk-based approach to evaluating cyber threats helps stakeholders build a clear understanding of gaps in protection and key risks to critical assets. A final resilience report from our Cyber Risk Professionals will recommend prioritized risk mitigation strategies based on your organization and industry.


  • Understand the extent to which current risks are insurable or retained on the balance sheet, informing decision-making on an optimal risk-based insurance program.
  • Benchmark cyber maturity against security controls that provide the greatest risk reduction and protection against emergent threats.
  • Identify strengths, examine weaknesses, and develop a roadmap for cyber security.
  • Improve senior management visibility and understanding of an organization’s current risk profile and critical points of vulnerability.
  • Establish stronger collaboration and comprehension across internal risk and IT teams.
  • Communicate the security posture to stakeholders using easy-to-understand scores and actionable insights.

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What's included

  • Easy to navigate self-assessment functionality.
  • Security controls consistent with NIST, ISO, & SANS standards and frameworks, and data privacy best practices.
  • A dynamic executive dashboard plus a detailed report providing insights on threats, vulnerabilities, and transfer strategies in the context of your organization and industry.

Security scoring highlighting critical vulnerabilities across eight key control domains, is available immediately upon submitting the CRE.

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