7 top tips for dealing with FCPA investigations.

With cross-border commerce now the norm for almost every business, the risk of FCPA and other similar violations has never been greater.

Facing increasingly vigilant enforcement each year, penalties for FCPA violations are steadily rising as the United States government pursues more corporate defendants: in 2014, average corporate fines and penalties were around $156.6 million—by far the highest in history1.

With this in mind, it is mission critical for global organizations to have a solid understanding of diligence and compliance risk, including the immediate considerations for appropriately dealing with an FCPA allegation, should it arise.

Our top tips for FCPA Investigations have been created by our experts based on years of experience assisting companies assess and mitigate legal and regulatory risk.

[1] Inside Counsel, FCPA penalties relatively high during 2014, January 2015